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The second build video; HGUC Stark Jegan. This kit I highly reccomend. Even when not painted it would be a fun assembly and very simple for a first time kit. The pay off is an amazing mobile suit with decent flexibility and alot of detail.


A little something different this time. The Nemo and Stark Jegan arrived so I’ve decided to do build videos!

First up, the Nemo. Great kit, solid construction, no issues whatsoever. Perfect for grunt collectors and the parts are separated nicely on frame for easy spray painting.

You get a total of 7 hands; two open, two closed, two beam saber hands, one right pistol hand.

Look out tomorrow for the Stark Jegan build!

Last up, the big bad of the lot: Kaiju Trespasser! An uncategorised kaiju, but nonetheless huge, this figure is very well detailed and articulated much better than the previous kaiju.

The larger arms have one hindrance; the elbow does not bend any more than inwards than in the above pictures, it straightens just fine but thats the extent of the joint. Not bad still but seems a step back from the last Knifehead.

The paint and details on this guy are amazing. Every last little crack and seam in the axe nose are painted and the whole thing is coated in a brown wash to make him look like something thats just washed up out of the ocean’s depths.

I’ll give it 9/10, limitations in some articulation present in older figures take a point off.

Next on the list of new Pacific Rim figures: Coyote Tango. This one has a few surprises to it, namely the sheer amount of detail to it. Some say it lacks posability, but what it lacks in basic joints it more than makes up for in unecessary attention to every last little detail. It is incredible.

It is not without fault though. The limits to articulation are apparent. No outward movement in the arms, much like the Gipsy figures, but it does have a swivel below the shoulder that Gipsy lacked. The ankles move forward far but are limited in their backward movement. The downside to this?

It broke. Yup, one tumble off the shelf and Coyote’s leg severed along a glue joint. An easy fix, but none the less annoying.

I’ll give it 8.5/10. The second best of the Jaeger figures by far and worth every penny if you can, like me, put up with the limits to it.

CHERNO-MOTHERFUCKING-ALPHA!!!!! I finally own one!!!

That out of my system, this is a tremendous figure. High above the standards of the rest of the NECA figures in every way. Articulation is improved 10-fold over the previous figures in the line, so much room to move this thing around and pose it.

Fist clash taunt, elbow drop, running, jumping, sitting, even the Iron Man touchdown! This thing is immense and in no way a let down. The paint is incredible and it is loaded with sculpt details all over from top to bottom.

I’m giving this 10/10, no flaws!!!

You know how I was gonna buy a Stark Jegan a few days ago? Look what that turned into! 4 kits I’m waiting on now, as well as the Pacific Rim figures still to get here (they’ve finally been posted, hoorah).

Stark Jegan, Desert Nemo, GM Quel and an Astray weapon set to go with them. The Quel has many people reporting its problems with holding the rifle so I thought a replacement gun would benefit the kit, something newer looking as the Quels in my Skyward Daggers are operating in the UC 0096 timeline.

Now, I wait!

I painted my second Loto, this time it was a different approach. The first one was painted with Tamiya jar paint by hand, this one was spray painted using Tamiya spray cans in matching colours to the last Loto.

I primered in white, then added two layers of blue. I just added an extra layer of white for the white pieces. It still needs touch ups in hand paints but I can do that later.

(Forgive the rubbish camera, my proper one ran out of batteries so I had to resort to my Ipod).

Back to updating here soon, for now here’s an insight to an upcoming purchase! Question though…
Custom paint job (to match the Loto) or all original Londo Bell colours painted?

Back to updating here soon, for now here’s an insight to an upcoming purchase! Question though…

Custom paint job (to match the Loto) or all original Londo Bell colours painted?

Finally, the big guy himself. Bruticus is massive. Not to mention he is incredibly poseable for something so huge, that surprised me. There are more joints on this thing than most of the figures I own. Given the original was limited to arms up and down and a head turn and I still had hours of fun with that when I was a kid this thing is just immense.

To make it all the better; scramble city. All combaticons (bar Onslaught) can turn into an arm or a leg, left or right, for whatever combination you prefer. I normally have Brawl right arm, Vortex left arm, Blast off left leg, Swindle right leg when I shelve him. Looks good and gives him a shoulder cannon.

Giving this 10/10, there are so many variants on this set it’s impossible not to find it somewhere and I highly reccomend it.

My least favourite of the lot, Onslaught. It’s not a bad figure, its just not great. The arms were not thought out well, the legs are very stiff, the vehicle mode is next to nothing like the in game model…. ok its pretty rubbish. But still, you need it for Bruticus so I had to get him. Sometimes I wish a 3rd party company would release a voyager scale Onslaught to replace this one because, honestly, this was the weak link in the entire Generations line.

Giving this one 4/10. The biggest redeeming factor is it turns into a solid torso for Bruticus.