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I can only wish the one you buy will have a few parts missing then? :D

I can wish custom charges upon your hi Nu! Just you wait! I will! DON'T TEMPT ME! I'M DOING IT!

Ordering from England to Ireland = no charges whatsoever =w=

anything you want to buy but havent started buying yet?

Yes, the Legacy Power Rangers Megazords and the S.H Figuarts Might Morphin Power Rangers figures. They were my childhood right the way back to when I was a toddler and now there exists the perfect figures of the  Rangers, the Dino Megazord, the Green Dragon and soon the White Tiger, Titanus and Thunderzord. I want them really badly.


I live with my shame because it annoys you so >w> get ready to see a lovely purple striped Hi Nu ver.ka when I get meself one and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!

What did you start collecting first

That’s easy. Transformers: Robots in Disguise. I started watching the show when I was but a wee lad and my love of giant talking robots that turn into vehicles and monsters took off. I loved the predacons, specifically Sky Byte, but then Scourge and the combaticons came along and stole the show.

Ruination remains my favourite transformer I ever owned. I had all the combaticons, both as the classic G1 set and the RID set. My first time buying repaints and my first and only G1 figures. Never did get Scourge…

which collection do you prefer of all the ones you have?

Time to start answering these! Of all my collections (of which I have many) my favourite has to be my Gundam MG collection. They speak for themselves as signs of effort and how much fun you’re willing to have and put in to a model kit. Some I buy just to build straight out of the box, like the Unicorn Gundam kit I have to do. Others I buy to build elaborately like my Sengoku Astray and my Sinanju.

Definitely my favourite collection I own, with 17 to my name so far

I finally got it, Age of Extinction Voyager class Galvatron! I have quite alot to say about this figure so take a seat.

Firstly the negatives, I’ll get those out of the way. Yes it could definitely do with more paint. There is so, so, so much detail molded into the plastic that is lost to the lack of paint. The face sculpt could definitely do with a gunmetal wash to make it stand out for instance. It is phenomenally detailed and extremely well molded. What paint is there is good, but not enough to bring out the full detail of the figure. A big shame.

The figure is a shellformer. This is bittersweet to me. In fact, to me it is no problem actually. But others do not like this. Let me elaborate: A shellformer is a figure that does not transform in the conventional sense of car parts forming robot parts, rather it is a robot inside a vehicle / animal and the alt mode unfolds to expose the robot underneath.

Galvatron’s entire cab section folds away to expose his torso and arms, with his legs barely having any conventional transformation to them. Bad? Not at all! Look at him in the film. He turns from a truck to a cloud of cubic transformium to a robot with NO truck parts present. How can that translate to a toy? They did a fantastic job with what they had to be honest. Shellforming like this is not new in the movie lines, look back to first movie voyager Optimus and you’ll see what I mean.

There is a detail many people leave out when reviewing this figure. The grey plastic has a silver wash molded throughout which looks absolutely fantastic. I love how it looks because against plain grey plastic it has this really nice shine to it that in the right lighting looks almost metallic.

I have no issues with posability. There is plenty of it on this figure and it makes for a great foe for Optimus. My particular one has a loose joint in the right arm, so be ready to expect some flaws.

All said and done, this figure is a must for me. Based on what others have said I can see reason to complain. It has flaws, it is not perfect, but it is not terrible. It is one of the best figures to come in this line of limited gimmicks and functionality.

Galvatron gets 7/10

Still looking questions!

Got 3 so far, all anon. Anything you’d like to know about what I collect, how I build kits or even just the guy behind the blog maybe?

Ask here!


Thank you all for sticking around for this blog of random reviews and photos so long! I never imagined it would have drawn as much attention as it has, really. How about to do something different for the occasion you ask me some questions based around the blog itself.

Questions like ”what else interests you”, or ”what collection is your biggest’ and other such general questions. I will gather them all together and answer them in a few days time!

New review to come as well, AOE Galvatron is in the mail.

Here’s the photoset from yesterday’s video of the Tallgeese. I love how this kit turned out, I really, really do. Now just the Unicorn and Sengoku to build!