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Next review is one of my favourite new Autobot’s figure; Age of Extinction Deluxe Crosshairs.

This figure is kind of hit and miss. I like it because it’s Crosshairs, but I don’t like the complications that come with it. The transformation is not fluent, it relies heavily on fragile clear plastic, the duster kibble is not excecuted all that well and some poseability is hindered.

The good sides though; it is well sculpted, the figure is very good at holding a pose if you can find one you like, the duster may be complicated but it can be made to work easily, the weapons are neat and the paint is well applied. There’s some paint apps missing, yes, but its nothing that ruins the figure.

Personally I like this one and I’m willing to put up with the downsides. But as this is supposed to be a fair review I’ll give it the deserving score of 6/10 for its lacking paint, hindered poseability, poorly excecuted mechanics and fragility.

Next review is Age of Extinction Deluxe Dinobot Scorn. This is probably one of the best deluxe figures available at the minute. There is very little fault to be found with it and it has an incredible amount of detail.

Firstly, something not mentioned in the instructions, the gunmetal / red side panels on the lower legs can expand outwards to give him thicker robot mode legs. It makes him look meaner and less skimpy.

The paint is applied nicely throughout the figure. The gunmetal, silver, orange and blue all work with the red and grey plastic well to make it look excellent. The figure is very good with poseability both in its Dinobot mode and robot mode, thus far it is the best of all the deluxe AOE figures I own.

The bad now; the neck joint is hindered by two tiny nibs on the back of the head. Unless you position it just right he is either looking straight up or straight down. I’m going to cut them away myself. Secondly this figure relies on rubber pieces for the spines. The tail is a much sturdier rubber that has no issues whatsoever, but the spines feel like they might tear if you aren’t careful with them.

Those aside this is one of the best AOE deluxe figures out there. I highly reccomend it, 9/10 score.

Next review; Age of Extinction Deluxe Bumblebee (New Camaro mode). This figure has more to it than you first expect. Looking at it I’m sure many have thought ”oh great a new Bumblebee figure, bought one bought them all” but they’d be wrong in this case. This figure is an entirely new transformation for Bumblebee that’s never been done before and I really, really like it.

Poseability is fantastic on this figure. The joints are kind of stiff to start with though so be careful not to break anything. The paint is applied well throughout and the details that need paint still are molded well into the plastic, so if I ever feel like adding more to him I have the option!

The features are really well done on this figure too. He has two things not many Bumblebee figures come with; his arm cannon as an optional weapon and his face mask. On top of those he has the shuriken type throwing disks he had mounted on his back which can be handheld, stored on his rear panel or under the car in alt mode.

The bad; the joints pop out pretty easily if you aren’t careful. For a figure like this it should be sturdier than it is. The backpack kibble isn’t overbearing and doesn’t hinder poseability but unlike older figures it doesn’t have much movement options to fold it how you want. It also has alot of visible seamlines in vehicle mode. Not the first figure with the problem, but it’s still annoying.

Final verdict I give this one 9/10. I highly reccomend it as both a new figure and a new Bumblebee for those who collect him. Bring on the Stinger remold / retool!!!

First of the new Transformers figures I’ll be reviewing; Generations Legends Bumblebee! This particular version came as part of the AOE Bumblebee two pack.

This is my first Generations Legends figure, I have to say I definitely did not expect this to be as good as it is. For something so small you get alot of good detail and poseability packed in. The joints can be a bit fiddly at times though, if you don’t turn the balljoints at just the right angle they’ll dislodge really easily. That aside I have no other complaints.

The paint is decent, the weapon can be held without trouble and the transformation is simple but not too simple. It feels like the right balance of difficulty and simplicity to make a good looking figure with a fun transformation.

My only other gripe would be the price of this figure if you want to have it on its own with a micron weapon instead of this purest of pure yellow one. This came packed with a deluxe Bumblebee for £15, the same price as a standard deluxe figure nowadays. For the Legends Bumblebee alone it costs £11. Not worth it to me for something so small.

I give this figure 8/10. The dislodging balljoints knock it down a point, second point down is due to the excessively high retail price for the figure alone.

To the guy/girl complaining about the lack of transformers:
Look at the photo
Be happy
(For some reason all the multipacks were selling for the same price as the single pack figures. Voyager twin packs same price as one voyager, deluxe twin pack cost the same as one deluxe etc.)

To the guy/girl complaining about the lack of transformers:

Look at the photo

Be happy

(For some reason all the multipacks were selling for the same price as the single pack figures. Voyager twin packs same price as one voyager, deluxe twin pack cost the same as one deluxe etc.)

Transformers collection!

So for whoever keeps messaging about wanting to see more, choose from below what exactly you want to see.

Full list of figures here!

Post whatever you want and not whatever others want, I followed for this!

Thank you kindly! I will post everything I get new and lately that’s been all Gundam. Soooooo some folks may have to get used to that.

stop posting gundam and do some transformers, i didnt follow for this

But seriously, if you want more TF stuff I can post a list of stuff I have for people to choose through and I’ll review what gets chosen.

My HGUC Rozen Zulu (Episode 7 version) kit came today! I would have done a build video, but my video camera’s batteries died. Onto the kit itself:

This one was a very simple build, but what more can you expect from a HG kit anyway. Sometimes I like the simpler ones, but for what you pay you get an amazing amount of detail and quite alot of poseability too. The knee and elbow joints can only manage 90 degree bends, but with all the kibble in their way I’m surprised they can manage even that.

This version of the kit, unlike the first version, is molded in exactly the right colours. If you aren’t one for painting then all the necessary decals are included as simple stickers for the white trim and mono-eye, I preferred to paint them instead as well as adding some more detailing to areas like the thrusters and vents.

As a remold / recolour, the kit comes with almost everything you need to rebuild it into the original Rozen Zulu. If you have any spare polycaps laying around be ready to dig through them for some close matching ones to fit the original right arm! You will also need to find some parts to replace the grey in the shield too.

I added two mods to my kit. For one, in the flash photo, you can see I added the psychoframe around the cockpit (surprise surprise). I also replaced the incredibly flimsy cord that comes packaged with the kit in exchange for some much sturdier coated copper wire that doesn’t require a stand to support the INCOM arms.

Overall I reccomend this kit greatly. 9/10, losing a mark to the lack of pieces for the other arm and shield.

Part two of the MG Hi Nu Ver. Ka photoset. These photos, taken with the camera flash, show off the Psychoframe I added to the Hi Nu. The Nu Gundam Ver. Ka had the awesome ‘Invoke mode’ which exposed the clear green Psychoframe parts from underneath certain body panels.

I noticed alot of the details on the Hi Nu look like the typical Psychoframe, so I decided to paint them bright green to add the same Invoke mode to this kit. Now when opening vents the kit has a full painted intregrated Psychoframe to rival the Nu Gundam’s!